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The Cutaneous Lymphoma Community (CL Community) is an online community to allow people affected by cutaneous lymphoma to engage with each other, engage more deeply with the Foundation, and provide access to valuable resources - all in one place. It is open exclusively to patients and their loved ones ("care partners") in order to provide privacy and encourage open communication with each other and directly with the staff from the Foundation.


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What does the Cutaneous Lymphoma Community offer:

PEER TO PEER DISCUSSION BOARD: similar to other online email/social media platforms, the Community provides individuals a place to communicate with each other, share stories and experiences in a closed online environment knowing that the Foundation is monitoring to help ensure the accuracy of the information being shared.

KNOWLEDGE BASE: this section of the Community provides access to relevant, clinically-vetted information based on frequently asked questions and archived recordings from our educational programs.

GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL ENGAGEMENT:  the Community provides members opportunities to to get involved and have a voice in the efforts of the Foundation and their partner organizations.

FOUNDATION CONNECTION BLOG: Offering members more immediate connections to news and events through updates from the Foundation Staff and others regarding medical meetings, advocacy events or other programs.